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Our Mission: To Bring Our Communities Together Through Various Forms Of Entertainment. With a concentration in local artist & businesses.

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We here at Bigi are dedicated to the efforts of bringing a pioneered approach to the hidden talent throughout Virginia, helping small business with affordable access to advertising and graphic design, funding opportunities, and various local projects which help us with our community involvement.

Bigi has big plans for Virginia and surrounding states!

As a community based company, we involve the community in most of what we do. Our current commercials we air on behalf of our clients, are with people in our community. We do not upload, cut and paste, or outsource our media, it is all done within our community.

+1 (757) 945-5261

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What We Do?

Working Hard For You!

We are continuing in Hampton Roads, Virginia and will grow from there. Our plan is to bring a new Hollywood environment to Virginia on a different scale.

We have seen the need for a revolutionary wave in Virginia, and plan to be on the forefront. Starting with our themed open mic nights, labeled “The Battles of VA”, follow us as we grow in Hampton Roads and eventually Virginia, and then the whole DMV! (DC, Maryland, Virginia)

With Bigi’s Open Mics, labeled “THE BATTLES OF VA”, means that you have an opportunity to do more than just come out and showcase your talent, it means you get in front of a real audience, with the opportunity to get yourself started.

Moving forward with B.E.E. Television. Our streaming television network on the ROKU Platform. Bringing local entertainment to you from community productions brought to you by your neighbors.

We offer a variety of ways for our communities to get involved and produce within themselves.

Creative Solutions

We offer in-house creative solutions and more.

Personalized Content

We design your content with a personalized touch, and local talent. We do not “cookie-cut” our processes.

Marketing Strategy

Building upon our own affiliates, network, & events, we can put together great strategies for your business.


We design and create and produce your merchandising in-house and via our affiliates.

Web Development

We design an elegant set of WordPress Themes & Plugins

Print Solutions

We have a variety of print options available to all of our clients.

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