About Us & Our Call to ACTION

This Information Will be getting an update soon, as we grow for you

In a nutshell

We at Bigi are here to call local artist to participate in a different way of doing things in Hampton Roads. Bigi Enterprise Entertainment is dedicated to the community in many ways. One is by bringing in a majority of our business from other local businesses. This means that we pride ourselves on generating a majority of our income and support from right here at home. We are firm believers in keeping community funds circulating in, and growing the local economy. “Small businesses need to support each other”~ James Hilliard, is one of the truest statement we’ve heard so far. And we are willing to go the extra mile for our fellow small businesses. From making promotional materials to advertising and/or sponsoring with us. We have a goal in mind, to make it easier for local artist to develop their craft, and promote themselves by connecting them to the community, together, through advertising, networking, other resources, events and much more. We thrive when the community thrives. Let’s put Virginia on the map as a whole.